I decided to share a small collection from a catalogue of many photos taken over a long period. I decided to call it Roots Run Deep, this title was inspired by the closeness Palestinians have to their land. This book consists of 35 photographs that highlight the stories of the Palestinian struggle against the occupation. It captures the daily life of my people and their experiences of living under the yolk of the apartheid system - the evil, inhuman ideology which is against International Law. Yet the world remains SILENT.
I choose to publish this book in English because I wanted to share the LONELY VOICES of the people of Palestine with wider audiences of the world. I am very proud to be first Palestinian to publish the first Photographic record from Palestine that shows a true reflection of life in Occupied Palestine.
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Anther young Palestinian civilian was the victim of the Isreali occupation today
Palestine ,15/06/2015
Abdullah Gnimat from Kufr Malek, a village near Ramallah ,west bank was born 1/3/94. Today he was murdered by the occupation forces at 4.30 am this morning as the Israelis raided his village.
Abdullah was shot in the chest and then run over by a military Jeep as he lay wounded. He died from his injuries.
Hamde Abu Rahma
award winning Palestinian Photojournalist and Activist and author of photo book Roots Run Deep – Life in Occupied Palestine.
From the untimely death of his cousin came a need to document and share the struggles of everyday life in Palestine for Photojournalist Hamde Abu Rahma.
Born and brought up in the picturesque village of Bil’in close to Ramallah, a village that has been in the forefront of peaceful nonviolent resistance.
Having been the target of the Israeli army whilst at work Hamde and his fellow journalists risk their lives to document through constant attacks and harassment.
Hamde shares his photos of what he feels are the most important aspects of daily struggle Palestinians go through to share in a visual portrait of occupation and apartheid.