Occupied Hebron: 03.08.15
Just like cattle, electronic gates are part of daily Palestinian life under Israeli occupation. A boy with his pet cat waits for permission to go through
Susya Village:26.07.15
These smiles are stronger than Israeli killing bulldozers. They are children from Susya facing destruction of their village and homelessness.
Haitham Al Khatib
is an award winning photojournalist, documentary film maker and activist in Palestine's West Bank, from a farming village near Ramallah called Bil'in.

Coming from an agricultural family and village, Haitham always felt great love for their land. Then the building of the separation wall, with an Israeli settlement on the other side, took away much Palestinian land including their own ancestral property. Suddenly, Haitham had lost his roots.

Haitham took up photography and then video and was one of the first photographers to start systematically documenting life in Palestine. 

Bil'in is well-known as a centre for the non-violent struggle in Palestine. This movement uses no weapons to defend the land and people of Palestine. 

The non-violent resistance stands against military occupation, settlement-building, the separation wall and illegal appropriation of Palestinian land. It stands up for the rights and dignity of the Palestinian people.

Focused in Bil'in and a few other beseiged villages, it is greatly under-reported worldwide. Yet it is an historic movement for justice which should be far better known than it is - an example for others elsewhere to follow.
Palestinian Dress Parade: 25.07.15
All my respects to these Palestinian women representing our culture, our traditions, and also representing our resistance to occupation.
Beit Ummar Village: 22.07.15 
Israeli occupation forces killed Falah Abu Maria, 52 years old father, when they raided his house to arrest his son. They also shot his son. 
Bil'in Village: 17.07.15
Villagers simply demonstrating at the theft of their village land and the illegal occupation. 
Bil'in Village: 12.06.15
Weekly peaceful demonstration against the occupation, met with Israeli occupation forces teargas and violence against the protestors. 
Jenin refugee camp: 10.06.15
Israeli Occupation Forces attacked Jenin Refugee Camp and fired live gunfire into the chest of the young Martyr, Ezz Bani Gora.
Bil'in Village: 08.06.15
At 1 am soldiers came to Bil'in, banging on the door bringing papers to Issa Abu Rahma and his son Mahmoud to meet Israeli security for interrogation
Bil'in Village: 05.06.15
The weekly peaceful demonstration is again met with teargas and violence. Palestinians are afforded no freedom to demonstrate, and no freedom of speech.